Day 1 Work From Home COVID-19 Recap

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I chose to wake up at normal time at 6am but login to work around 6:30am. No need to style makeup, pick out an outfit, wake up the girls, get them ready, dressed and out the door before 8am. This allowed me to get some key things out of the way with work before the girls woke up around 7:15am.

I had originally planned to drop them off at daycare but yesterday night changed my mind. We really need to avoid being in groups of 10-20 people to combat the spread of coronavirus, and reduce our chances for the need to be quarantined.

I’m glad I work at an employer where we are allowed to work from home. I figured it is better to have the kids home with me even with some interruptions to my work day rather than risk being contagious and not being able to work at all.

Dave left house at 7:30am, no orders yet from his work to work from home. He got the girls to start watching the movie Frozen, which allowed me to wrap up what I was doing between 6:30 & 8:00am and then prepare their breakfast. Breakfast lasted about 8:20am.

Girls finished watching the movie and encouraged them to draw/paint. Kept working on laptop through this time.

Today was the last day of the chocolate bar fundraiser at school and needed to go to the school with the girls at 11am to give the money to the PTA. When we arrived at the school, they offered free hot lunch to take home and it was available to all children. It was also good to step out of the house for a small bit.

The grab and go lunch was a huge convenience for me as a working parent, and encourage other moms to go to the school to grab a lunch for their kids if offered, things can get so busy between lunch hour and work. I’m used to making breakfast in the morning for the kids but making a lunch at home during the weekday was new for my routine. Girls had lunch around 11:30am at home and then went outside to play for about 40-60 minutes. My plan during school dismissal is to show up right at 11am before the crowds show up to grab their lunch to take home. My favorite part of the day today was sitting at table with them for lunch.

Because the girls were very well behaved and ate all of their lunch, I told them they could watch iPad after they had enough of playing outside in the back yard. They also played indoors with their toys.

At 4pm I decided to call it a day with work. I think that is the plan I will have when I’m work from home during the period of social distancing. Work from 6:30am-4pm with the breaks needed to feed girls and grab their lunch.

4pm-8:30pm was great. I was able to work on getting the house cleaned and do more laundry. Girls spent some time in the tub and had dinner around 6:30-7pm, roughly the time that Dave came home. Typically on a normal weekday, I arrive at work at 8:30am and we are not home until 6-6:30pm. Dave joked the house was actually clean lol. Yes I want it to be tidy as much as possible.

I thought I was going to be more frazzled today managing work and managing parenting at home but I was actually more relaxed, particularly in the afternoon. Usually by early evening, I’m exhausted, I guess the commute makes me tired that way. Nice to take a break from commuting.

Dave went to the grocery store to grab some things. Store was literally empty. No pasta and no meat or poultry. We do have some things we can prepare but will have to go back and check. Each day, more things are shutting down, and more restrictions imposed.

Tomorrow I will take more notes of my routine and the girls’ routine to see what’s working and what can move around. Girls are requesting activities. I usually obtain a paper print out online via Preschool Pioneer-UEN (, very helpful, and UEN has several activity plans to look at. More convenient than looking at Pinterest for activities.

Girls were so happy I could stay home. Social distancing is a rare opportunity to be with them.

How was your day like at home with the kids? What have you planned for your time at home with them and with work during the period of social distancing?

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