Day 3 Work From Home – Earthquake!!!

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Planning can go out the window when in a panic.

Got up my usual time: 6am and logged in at 6:30am.

Here Dave & I have different accounts of our experiences a little after 7am. I swear he was sitting across from me on the couch while I was working & he was about to leave for work. He said he was not there in living room, instead he saw me run down the hall straight to girls room.

Dave’s first reaction was that an airplane was flying too low. I knew what it was because I had experienced an earthquake as a child in 1994 (Northridge CA). It was deja vu. Same thing, early in morning, kids asleep in room when it happened. This time I was the parent running to wake up and grab my kids. For comparison, the one in Cali was longer and much stronger at 6.7. This one didn’t feel as bad. It was strong and glad it was short. The earthquake registered at 5.7. The aftershocks, especially the one at 1:15pm was terrifying, at 4.6!

Vivi said it felt like an elephant running inside our house. As a child, I could describe it as some muscular strong man right below our house and shaking it.

Anyhow, this event really “shook” my routine. Mentally draining, especially the aftershocks. Upon reflection, I realized how badly natural disasters can make your routine and plans fall apart. Everything had to close, some households were without power, and things were delayed with work. Some people practice earthquake drills 6x a year, and in the moment, run to the wrong area of the house. I stayed logged on at work through 5pm. On emergency preparedness and food storage front, I need to plan better. We have everything but haven’t taken time to inventory and teach kids what to do in a natural disaster or emergency.

We were lucky that no one was hurt, nothing structurally was damaged around our home, and nothing fell or broke! We had just bought a 75″ TV and lucky that didn’t break and also lucky we paid for a warranty!

Anyhow, kids ate at home because school lunch had to be cancelled so that school could be assessed for damage. Girls weren’t in daycare but parents of 2 year olds and younger had to come get their kids. Because of the aftershocks, the daycare closed shortly after for the day.

COVID-19 and school closure was a blessing in disguise. I am so grateful the earthquake happened when we were all home. It would have been so terrifying if it happened during the day when I would be at the office and girls at school or daycare. I needed my kids next to me, and I knew that children want their parents right by them, as I did as a child after an experience so scary. My kids are sleeping in our room tonight. I did that too as a kid after the Northridge earthquake.

Tomorrow and Friday are PTO days for me, really need that after today.

How do you plan for a natural disaster?

Planning Your Life During a Pandemic

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Pandemic or not, many interruptions and demands will arise and you have to be able to reset priorities when change happens.

Plans are still good to have because it allows you to remain focused on the most important things and know where to reset a few things around. If you’re not able to revise as interruptions come about then your planning will not be effective. Planning allows you to prevent things from slipping even when big changes happen.

Many interruptions will arise anyway, you have to review and reset plans as changes occur.

The biggest change in my plans as well as for everyone else affected by COVID-19 is staying home during times I did not anticipate to be home. My weekend is starting to look different because ballet is cancelled as well as church meetings. Starting next Monday, my schedule and routine will be different too.

My Pandemic Planning

(1) Daycare. Daycare will remain open. My kids do not have a set routine at home between 8-6pm M-F so my plan is to bring them to daycare where they do have a routine. I won’t bring kids to daycare if they’re sick though.

(2) Kids’ school. So much conflicting information on the news about school closures. I went and reviewed school district website about their plan. Preschool is cancelled but kindergarten and above is not closed, only dismissed. School will move to online distance learning format. I will find out next week about checking out a Chromebook from the school and then decide whether my oldest should be in daycare during the school hour. My main priority is ensuring my kindergartener can get her schoolwork done with minimal interruption.

(3) Work. After figuring the plans with school and daycare, I was able to relax about work. Work updates related to COVID-19 changed by the hour this week. By end of day Thursday, they asked us to work from home at least through end of March. I was really glad I tackled some big items before switching to work from home (thanks to planning ahead!!!). Sometimes it is quicker to have two monitors at the office instead of one little laptop at home to work on spreadsheets. Remember to get the big rocks outta the way first whether the routine is eventful or not.

Most important area of focus is morning routine* during weekdays. I am planning to get up at the normal time and get girls to daycare like I would pre-pandemic. There will be discretionary time because the commute will be much shorter and not need to dress as if I’m going to the office.

Looking forward to temporary evening routine*. I should be able to get the kids earlier back home than I would normally, between 4:30-5pm instead of 5:30-6pm. Hoping I can get them to bed early! Also want to plan at least one weeknight meal early next week.

That’s what I have so far! What plans you got now with everything closing and cancelling?

*Note on morning & evening routines: they are 2 hour crucial time blocks between the hours of 6am-8am and 6pm-8pm Mondays through Fridays. More on that in another post.

Happy International Women’s Day

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It has been a busy week with month end close. It involved long hours, supportive husband helping with the girls & ordering Chinese food and tacos. No real cooking. Also hosted some sales guys from Sprint in town for an expo to sell phone plans that checked in Thursday night. Hosting helps me keep up with cleaning!

Friday night, we went to a school play at my sister in laws school for Frozen Jr. It was a delight to watch!

On Saturday I started with my workout at 7:30 with my personal trainer. From there, I looked at my planner and realized that at church, Gail Miller was going to speak to our church group at 10am followed by lunch. For those who don’t know who she is, she is richer than Kylie Jenner and Beyoncé combined at 1.7B net worth. Her late husband Larry H. Miller owns several car dealerships and the Utah Jazz NBA team.

I arrived early to the chapel and parked by a Porsche wondering if it was her car. (For the record we’ve bought 3 cars at LHM dealerships). I didn’t really know what she looked liked but I sat at a table and my chair was facing behind hers! Gail looked and acted like everyone else, she was not ostentatious at all with her demeanor or appearance. She looked like any cute matronly older church lady in attendance and it was a nice opportunity for me to introduce myself, shake her hand, and thank her for coming to visit our stake to speak to our group of sisters from church. Very sweet and friendly woman. She talked about the faith and courage of Esther from the Old Testament, that it is always profitable to obey God, and that riches are in the blessings she has, not in her material wealth. For this International Women’s Day 2020, meeting Gail Miller was perfect!

After the luncheon I returned home and met up with rest of my family, we hung out for a bit and then decided to go swimming. It was what we needed to decompress after such a busy week. Love the water. Still need to figure out how to plan and schedule for swim lessons for the kids!

Later in the afternoon, I took a hard look at my nails. I hadn’t painted them for quite a while. I have a bad habit of peeling paint off. I also have vertical ridges so I could never grow my nails long because my nails would split!

I had been following a nail salon on my Yelp list, and hemmed and hawed about scheduling an appointment. I had never stepped foot into a salon nor had acrylics in my entire life. Would I totally hate glued fake nails?

I also realized I hadn’t done much lately to schedule my own self-care and as I’m getting older, my hands look gaudy. I called and the salon said they could see me that same night (“I’ll be there in 10”). I had thought about doing my own nails (gel) to save money but I end up peeling them after 3 days because of my ridges. Plus I do a bad paint job. Figured I would make the commitment to do acrylics and just pay someone else that can do a better job in a faster amount of time.

Nails pre appointment. Obvious ridges and short nails
New nails! Wow, I never had nails this long. Getting used to the length

Was definetly worth it. Everyone especially Dave loved them. Will keep maintaining my nails!